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Foundation Recognition Points

What are Foundation Recognition Points (FRPs)?
FRP’s are contribution credits that can be transferred from one Rotary account to another. They are used to
increase the recognition amount of the account that they are transferred into. You are free to transfer away as
many FRP’s that you possess to whomever you choose.
What are Recognition Amounts?
The donor Recognition Amount can grow in two ways:
  1. When a donor makes a cash contribution to The Annual Programs Fund, Polio Plus, Polio Plus Partners or a TRF approved Matching Grant (contributions to the Permanent Fund are not eligible)

  2. When FRP’s are transferred to an individuals account
Transfers can occur between individuals or from a club or district to an individual account. The individual can,
but does not need to be a Rotarian. When an individual reaches a personal recognition amount of US $1,000
they become eligible for Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) Recognition.
A Point for Every Dollar:
After an individual has accumulated US $1,000 in Donor Recognition and has become a PHF, he or she is
eligible to receive one Foundation Recognition Point for every US Dollar contributed to The Annual Programs
Fund, Polio Plus, Polio Plus Partners or approved Matching Grant. For example: An existing Paul Harris Fellow
(has a total recognition amount of $1,000) makes a $2,000 contribution to The Annual Programs Fund. This
Rotarian is now achieved a PHF+2. The Rotarian’s recognition amount is at $3,000 and has earned 2,000
Foundation Recognition Points, which are now available to designate/transfer to help someone else achieve
their PHF or Multiple PHF by simply completing a Transfer Request Form (Form # 102-EN).
  • An individual receives Foundation Recognition Points only for outright personal contributions and only after they have become a Paul Harris Fellow. Transfers made into individuals accounts, such a club and district transfers and/or matches or gifts made in your name (any gift that is not directly given by you), will not earn/accrue FRPs: however, they will increase your Recognition Amount (PHF)

  • Gifts made to the Permanent Fund or Rotary International programs are not eligible for FRP.

  • Rotary Clubs receive FRPs immediately and need not reach the US $1000 Recognition Amount before being eligible
How can a Rotarian use their FRPs?
FRPs can be used at a Rotarian’s discretion to assist someone else in becoming a Paul Harris Fellow or
Multiple Paul Harris Fellow. For example, a Rotarian who has achieved Paul Harris Fellow status may choose
to honor their spouse or significant other as a PHF, by contributing US $750.00 cash to the Foundation, and, if
available, also transfer 250 FRPs, thereby qualifying the honoree as a PHF. A Rotarian could assist a fellow
Rotarian in their Club in becoming a Paul Harris Fellow by awarding some of their FRPs to them.

Some Clubs effectively use FRPs to help new members of their Club begin their annual Foundation commitment. These Clubs “match” a contribution by a new member with a specified number of FRPs. This use of FRPs has successfully instilled a passion for the new Club member to annually contribute to The Rotary Foundation. FRPs cannot be used personally to increase one’s own Recognition Amount since the FRPs are already included/reflected in the total recognition amount. FRPs can only be used to credit someone else.

Foundation Recognition Points:
  • Can be transferred into individual accounts
  • Do not expire
  • Cannot be transferred to the club or district to be used by the Club President or District Governor
  • Only generate from cash contributions once an individual becomes a PHF
  • Can only be transferred directly to the recipient. (i.e. An existing PHF makes a contribution of $500. The existing PHF wants to make his wife a PHF. The club will match the gift with 500 points to help his wife achieve PHF level. The points will be transferred directly to her not to the donor of the $500 contribution).
The District Governor, Club President or individual will need to complete and submit a signed transfer request form (Form #EN102).
Can individual Clubs or a District accumulate FRPs?
Yes. Clubs and Districts can accumulate FRPs by contributing DOLLARS to the Foundation without naming a recipient. The Club or District may have conducted a fundraiser and chosen to contribute the proceeds to the Foundation. These DOLLARS would create FRPs in the Club or District account. Similar to individual Rotarians,
the Club or District FRPs are often used as a “match” to encourage Rotarians to make personal cash contributions to The Rotary Foundation. This dollar-for-point match helps accelerate the individual’s path to PHF or multiple PHF status.
  • FRPs accumulated by the District can be transferred with the Signature of the District Governor.
  • FRPs accumulated by the Club can be transferred with the Signature of the Club President.
Can a business or organization become a Paul Harris Fellow?
No. Paul Harris Fellow awards are only issued to individuals. However, a donor contributing US $1,000 can recognize a business or organization. In these instances a Certificate of Appreciation is awarded instead.
Can a Deceased Donor become a Paul Harris Fellow?

A donor can also recognize a deceased individual by requesting a Memorial PHF.
Can FRPs of former Rotarians be transferred?
Yes. There are several ways to do this:
  • If the donor left the club and is still living, the club president will need to get in contact with the individual to obtain authorization. A signed transfer form will be required.

  • FRPs from a deceased donor may be transferred with the signature of the surviving family member or the club president when there are no surviving relatives or the club has lost contact with the family.
Can a Foundation Recognition Points count towards Major Donor recognition?
No. Only cumulative personal outright contributions count towards major donor recognition.

A transfer request form can be submitted:

Via email to: contact.center@rotary.org

Fax: 1-847-328-5260

Mail to:

The Rotary Foundation

Foundation Resources Department

One Rotary Center

1560 Sherman Avenue

Evanston, IL 60201

Use Form 102-EN (see102en DTR.pdf link below) to transfer individual, club or district Foundation Recognition Points.

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