Orientation Procedures

A club representative will conduct meeting(s) with new inductees after initiation.  The new member acclimation meetings will consist of 1 or 2 meetings of 30-45 minutes from 6:45am to 7:15am on Thursday morning to conincide with the club's regular weekly meeting.

Items Covered include the following:

I. Review the ABC's of Rotary book.
  • 4-Way Test Definition
  • What to tell friends/family about what Rotary is and why we are involved.
  • Invocations- importance of multiculturalism.
  • Review and reminder of attendance requirements
    • Start time and tardy time
    • leaving early, if necessary
    • make-ups
  • Flag exchange
  • Paul Harris Fellows and sustaining Foundation membership
  • Polio Plus, CART and other contribution opportunities
II. Requirements of new members- "Red Badgers"
  • Act as a morning greeter for 3 meetings.
  • Attend a make-up meeting at another club or on-line
  • Sit at four different tables for breakfast
  • Be assigned to a committee
  • complete form for Red Badge program graduation.
III.    Make sure all paperwork is correct:
  • Email
  • Billing address
  • Birthday
  • etc...