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Rotary Citizen of the Year

The award was begun in 1971 by The Statesboro Rotary Club under the title
“Rotary Man of the Year”. The first recipients were Rotarians, but eligibility was
soon expanded to include non-Rotarians. In 1993 with the selection of Charlotte
White, the title was changed to “Citizen of the Year”. Until 1995, the award was
presented at an Annual Anniversary - Ladies Night. Since there are two Rotary
Clubs in Statesboro, nomination forms are made available to all members of both
Rotary Clubs. The Citizen of the Year is selected by a committee of the two clubs
and the presentation is made at a joint meeting.

A person of high moral character, resident of Bulloch County, active in civic
affairs affecting all segments of county and city population. Activities must
contribute to the betterment of all races and all economic levels and to the
cultural, social, and moral advancement of all citizens. Exemplary performances
in activities benefiting the community, beyond vocational demands and without
remuneration, form the basis for selection. The award is to be presented to
anyone possessing these qualifications and is not limited to Rotarians.

1971 Donald O. McDougald
1972 Charles M. Robbins, Jr.
1973 F. Everett Williams
1974 Ike Minkovitz
1975 William H. Smith, Jr. (Posthumously)
1976 Abram Bird Daniel
1977 John Mooney, Jr.
1978 Leodel Coleman
1979 Avant Edenfield
1980 Lewis P. Rhiver
1981 Jack N. Averitt
1982 Virgil F. Agan
1983 Walker P. Hill, Jr. (Posthumously)
1984 Edwin C. Eckles
1985 Dale W. Lick
1986 Emory S. Melton
1987 Erskine Russell
1988 Father Lawrence Lucree
1989 Clem Raith
1990 Robert F. Morris, Sr. (Posthumously)
1991 Ellis Wood
1992 Francis W. Allen
1993 Charlotte White
1994 Emma Kelly
1995 Kenny Stone
1996 Patsy Rocker Bobo
1997 Emory Bohler
1998 David H. Averitt
1999 Richard Bird
2000 Albert Roesel
2001 John M. Wilson, Jr.
2002 Kemp Mabry
2003 Warren F. Jones
2004 William Cook
2005 William H. Perry
2006 Terrell T. Reddick (Posthumously)
2007 Charles P. Olliff, Jr.
2008 William R. Smith
2009 R. Earl Dabbs, Jr.
2010 Joe Bill Brannon
2011 Raybon Anderson
2012 Ray Hendley
2013 Hudson Powell
2014 Charles Sikes