2012 Turkey

GSE Delegation from Turkey


2012 GSE Turkey Delegation and Club President Carolyn Ethridge



Tues., May 15         Arrive from Augusta 3p

                              Check in at hotel

                              5:00p - Town driving tour and Dinner Social

Wed., May 16         

                                10a Pickup at hotel

                           10:30a  Freeman’s Mill  www.freemansmill.com
                                         Stacy Freeman (staceyf@nctv.com) 852-9381; 
                                         518 Country Club Road

                           12:00p  Lunch at GSU,  President's Dining Room

                             1:30p  Planetarium

                            2:30p   Wildlife Center                                       

                            5:45p   Pickup at Hotel

                                6p    Reception - Meinhardt Vineyards  www.meinhardvineyards.com
                                                         Jan (839) 2458
                                                         305 Kennedy Pond Road
Thurs., May 17     6:50a    Pickup at Hotel
                                7a    Downtown Rotary Club meeting

        8:30 Return to hotel, checkout, load and Transfer to Savannah (arriving around 10am) 



İlknur ÖZER ,GSE Team Leader:

İlknur has been a member of Karia RC for 10 years and served as a president in 2007-08.She is a psychologist.Troughout her career in psychology,she had an opportunity to work with several diverse groups (risky youth and women,children with developmental disabilities and child abuse). She loves to learn about other cultures,customs and religions.Every year ,İlknur gives numerous psychological counselling at the regional government agencies and non-profit organizations.İlknur is married to Metin; he is a general surgeon and they have one son 16 years old and they all live happily in Bodrum with their  lovely dog called Surup.

Deniz ALPAN,Team member: Sponsored by the Rotary club of Kordon

Vocation: Language instructor

Deniz is a language instructor who has been working with adults and kids for nearly 3 years. She plans to continue her career in event management sector and wants to gain experience in this field. She is 28 years old who is lively, interested in getting to know different cultures. She lives in İzmir with her parents, and owns a cat named Pamuk (Cotton).


Onur ÖZER,Team member : Sponsored by the Rotary club of Gündoğdu

Vocation: Market researcher

Onur is a member of Gündoğdu Rotaract Club and he serves as a Committee Chair of Professional Serving and also member of Rotaract Academy Organization. He graduated Marmara University in Economics. He worked on brand management, marketing and currently he is working in his family firm in İzmir. He is planning a career on marketing and foreing trade. He is single. None smoker. As being a muslim he does not eat pork/or bacon.

He is very interested in cinema especially classic movies and he is directing short movies.He wants the movies it to be a part of his life.He is also interested in photography and music.

He would like to see movie studio and film-cinema schools if it is possible

İlkin ŞENGÜN,Team member: Sponsored by the Rotary club of Bostanlı

Vocation: Academician Food Engineer Doctor

İlkin is a Food Engineer. She is working as an academician, specialist in food microbiology in Aegean University, Food Engineering Department. She is giving lectures on food microbiology. She also works in research projects, which covers food safety and identification of microorganisms in foods, mainly fermented foods. İlkin provides training to different groups about food safety, hygiene and sanitation. She loves traveling, seeing new places and getting to know new people. İlkin is married to Mahmut; he is a civil engineer and they have one daughter 12 years old and they live in İzmir.


Elif Cevlik, Team Member :Sponsored By the Rotary club of Osmangazi

Vocation: Language instructor

Elif is an English Teacher She earned her bachelor degree as an English teacher from Marmara University in 2001.She worked as an English teacher in different kind of schools such as private ,public schools and in kindergarten, primary and high school levels.   For the last 1,5 years, she has been working in the local educational authority in Bursa.

She is married for 8 years with Mesut. His name means “happy” in Turkish like we are. He runs his own bussiness on heating and air conditioning systems. We have a 4 year old son whose name is Mert.

I like reading a lot. I can read all kinds of books but especially I like novels, thrillers and a little bit historic novels. If I can find time, I like going to cinema, theatre and opera. Furthermore, I’m very interested in arts. I try to follow international exhibitions in Turkiye. Also I like making handcrafts . For instance, I design and create my own necklaces and earrings, I paint wooden boxes or some other objects. I also like skiing in winter and swimming , but I can’t ride a bike. I’m non-smoker. I don’t have any special dietary or medical needs but as being Muslim, I don’t eat pork or Bacon.